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4 Strategies for Communicating With Your ADHD Partner

January 6, 2023
Avoid the conflict and confusion by following these success strategies to keep the loving connection in your relationship.

Having a distracted or forgetful partner or spouse is challenging at times…especially when they seem to REMEMBER everything about their work tasks!

Once they return home, drop the ball…forget something one more time, it’s hard not to take it personal. The end result is carrying the heavy load, handling the tasks alone and ending up resentful, feeling you are parenting an adult…and that’s not sexy!

One of the best ways to approach this challenge is by stepping back and taking a more mindful and educated perspective. Understand the signs and actions or lack of actions your ADD/ADHD shows up with.

Realize this is not just some excuse or tactic to avoid carrying their share of responsibilities, and it is not a ‘free pass’ to staying the same and avoiding upping their game.

  1. Get them moving and both of you listening. Active listening with direct eye contact, nods or ‘uh huhs’ will let them know you are still there. Also, repeating some of what your partner said and restate it in your own words to confirm that you understand.

Psst! I get it! You might be able to manage larger tasks with multiple steps, but they might need the task broken into smaller ones with reminders or prompts from their phone or calendar to complete it.

Ultimately, the end goal is probably the same for both of you…having a loving, supportive and caring relationship in which mutual respect for each other’s ‘specialness’ remains key.

So start today, start small…you’ve got this.


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