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4 Quick Tips to Managing Life’s Ups and Downs

November 27, 2019

When Life turns your plans upside down….!

4 quick tips to managing the holiday…and life’s ups and downs!! I’ve include a rough transcription for you…check out FocusWithDrLiz.com for my resources and guides. My passion is to help every couple connect and enjoy a satisfying and successful relationship!! Hugs, Dr. Liz Transcription…rough Dr Liz here. Hey, I just wanted to share with you one of those little unexpected um, bumps in life and it may be thinking about now with the holidays coming, how to manage, how to successfully manage those unexpected things that pop up. But first a quick thank you to Geico. Um, and uh, Austin’s Papa lock and Starbucks. Thank you Starbucks. I am back on track. Here’s the thing. This morning I went to get into my car like I always do. And guess what? No power, no nothing it. That when a all electric kind of car battery dies, you can’t even lock the car to leave it, to come back to it to get. So this morning I had an unexpected unexpected turn of events and I needed to get my car battery joked as well as let some very dear and near clients know that I was either not going to be able to meet with them or I was going to be running late. And here’s what I did. I got all the information that I had. My car is dead. I need to contact someone to get the battery charged. And I would be late with them as I had a plan. So I took that information and then I reached out to my clients and did the second thing I asked how they were feeling with that information. One was frustrated because she had gotten up early and all prettied up. Another was disappointed, but okay. And then the third one was, um, w just let me know how the day goes and we’ll see where I can fit myself back into your schedule. All right, so let’s talk about the one who was frustrated. Um, the take gotten up early and gotten themselves dressed and we’re all ready to go out the door. I’m frustrated too. I’m, and I’m really disappointed and here’s what I need to do. Here’s my options. I need to call the company and get someone out here to jump start the car. And so we can continue to talk by phone, um, during that time period or we can reschedule for a later day. So I gave them some options and then ask them, what do you think about that? How does that feel? Um, we came up with that. We would, uh, fit our phone calls in around my, uh, car being restarted and we would follow up again a little bit later today. Hey, it diffused the situation. Uh, there was, is kind of out of my control, but yet I gave him the information, I had watched my tone, asked how they were feeling, validated those feelings and then offered options or solutions. And I’m wondering just to share that with you because it has me thinking about, um, already so many of the, I want to say concern to complaints. I’m starting to hear in my sessions with clients around the holidays, um, things like we never get to do what I want to do. We never get to go to the, you know, look at the lights. You go to your family, but we don’t seem to go to mind or there doesn’t seem to be enough money for the type of presence that I would like to receive. Whatever the issue is, there’s these complaints that seem to be repetitive and, um, problematic. And so over the next few weeks I’m going to continue to offer more tips, more, um, ways to handle the unexpected or to start thinking about the holiday. So I do want you to pay, um, stay alert. I will be posting a, you know, um, from surviving as well as continue to post some D some, um, daily or daily Facebook’s type posts and Enlive, sorry, I’m thinking about my Starbucks chai tea with a coconut milk. Anyway, um, I want just to, so remember the three things. Take that down, write it down, jot it down, because I can pretty much guarantee you that sometime through this next holiday season, something unexpected, it’s going to come up someone or something’s going to frustrate you or disappoint you or not go as you had planned or had you wished to have plan. And so I want you to be able to take this, these quick little tips, manage them, um, with your sweetheart, with your family, and especially with yourself. All right, so take care. Have a great day. I hope your car battery does not die on you. But remember, if it doesn’t go the way you planned, stop, gather as much information as you can. Share that with your sweetheart. Um, ask how they’re feeling about it, because that’s going to give you the tip that their feelings are going to give you the tips of what needs to happen or how you both can manage it balance and come up with some solutions. They may not, might be ideal as you had planned, but the mean be better than you thought because, Hey, you know, I hadn’t planned on a Starbucks, but I am now take care.Join me at focuswithdrliz.com. Uh, and I will continue to be posting tons and tons of information for you through the holidays and as always, have a great day.

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