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Energize your marriage or relationship with 1 quick tip!

November 30, 2019

What’s the energy level in your marriage or relationship? Low on time and low on energy in your marriage? Watch this short video and ramp up the energy and interest in your spouse or partner. Here’s a quick tip you can use right now! Dr Liz

Rough Transcription: Hi guys, it’s Dr Liz here. And I just wanted to take a couple minutes to ask you a question. What’s the energy level in your relationship right now? If you were just to do a quick pause, are you guys rocking it? Is there excitement and passion or you know, it’s Thursday and we’re starting to get a bit bit of the end of the week slump. So there was a little lethargic or we’re in a rut or cash you don’t even know because you haven’t thought about each other in a, in a while or at all today. So let me tell you, um, let me share with you some quick tips. One quick tip on how to pump up the energy in any relationship, even a rock and one can use that. Um, and especially as we get towards the end of the week and we’re getting tired and maybe bogged down with kids and critters and work. So here’s what you do. You think about something that would please them. That would surprise them. . What can you do that would just come maybe out of the blue. Is it swinging by the market? And grabbing some flowers, or is it surprising them with, bringing dinner home. Okay. Or it’s a foot massage. They come in and the door is a, Hey, sit down. I’m handling this, let’s, you know, let me give you a foot massage. Or is it rounding up the kids and getting the kids off to a babysitter of sorts so that the two of you have a brief moment to relax. Are you guys staying in touch throughout the course of the week?

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