How to get your spouse’s attention…keeping it short and sweet!

December 1, 2019

Learn how to get your husband, wife, partner’s attention when you are upset, hurt or angry and share your thoughts in a way they can listen and understand.

Rough Transcription: Hi guys, it’s Dr Liz here today and I wanted to just, uh, actually keep it short and sweet with you. Have you ever had a conversation, um, or where you’re the listener and it goes on and on and on. Do you remember those lectures from your parents perhaps that they repeated the same thing over and over? You’re like, I got it. I got it, I got it. Okay. Well, today’s little tip is in your conversations when you’re talking to your loved one or anyone in general, especially if you’re feeling very passionate about it or there’s some kind of emotion, anger, hurt, frustration, we tend to stop being logical into the energy and we run with it. So my tip is start your conversation. Even if you’re passionate and you’re inflamed as pause, ask them, do they understand what you’re saying? Do they get what you’re trying to share with them? All right? And then you go on or you ask them, what do they think so far? Because you still have more to tell them. You still have more to share because you’re really upset or you’re really excited about it. And the reason why I tell ya, I’m suggesting, not telling you, I’m suggesting you start a little bit of your conversation. You know what you’re thinking, or you think you know what you’re thinking. You want to make sure they’re on track with the topic they’re getting, what the messages. Plus it allows you for just a couple moments to calm yourself, to take that break and you’re not this rapid gunfire, robo robot. You’re stopping, you’re pausing, you’re asking the question, you’re Haring them, and then hopefully you’re in a better place or you can confirm that we’re on the same track. That’s it. I just a little short, keep it sweet kind of thing. Um, have a wonderful day. Want more tips? Check out my FocusWithDrLiz.com. All right. Bye bye.

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