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Washing Machines and Marriages…when have You felt let down

December 1, 2019

What or whom do you take for granted in your life, rely on day in, day out to be there…by your side, ready to help or listen or pull the heavy load for you? Who relies on you?

After our washer betrayed us…I got to thinking about just how important it is to pay attention to my expectations of the people (my hubby) or things in my life…and do the (fun) work of ensuring my marriage is not on autopilot or left to decline from lack of attention or repair.

Even the best of marriages and relationships need attention, maintenance, repairs…and it CAN and SHOULD be fun…something you can address every single day.

My Happy Marriage Masterclass is here…ready with videos, activities and real life examples of how you can DIY your marriage or relationship to even greater levels of connection, communication, fun and satisfaction…at your own pace. It’s available at: FocusWithDrLiz.com Hope you enjoyed this glimpse into my wild and fun packed day today!

Hugs, Dr. Liz

Rough Transcription: Hi guys, it’s Dr Liz here and boy do I have a glamorous life right now. My laundry and stuff. I just wanted to share a little thought that came to me earlier this week. Our washing machine, after many, many years decided to die and it did this in a glorious way of completely stopping, the draining part and flooding all of our wood floors and our tile floors and creating a wonderful mess. So after years of dutiful service, we went out and purchased another washer and another dryer. In the meantime while we’re waiting things pile up and it made me start to think about washing machines and marriages or relationships. And you know, we count on our partners, we count on our spouses to be there side by side, to be part of the team. We, um, so I take them for granted. Maybe we feel like we’re taken for granted in all of our years. And so day after day we get up counting on them to be there to do things and they probably do the same thing for you. And sometimes we let them down. Sometimes they let us down, just like our washing machine. So it’s not, um, it’s, I think it’s unrealistic thing that things aren’t going to happen in your marriage or your relationship, that you’re going to make mistakes or they’re gonna make mistakes and it’s how you handle it, how you guys come together and repair and heal is huge. It’s, it’s critical for successful long term marriage or long term relationship. And so I wanted to ask you to please check out my FocusWithDrLiz.com. and my website, I have tons and tons of free information on how you guys can manage to those days when you have the kind of the washing machine syndrome where you count on them or they count on you and suddenly everything breaks down, falls apart. Maybe it’s an affair, maybe it’s overspending. Um, maybe they forgot to pick up the kids or aren’t helping around the house. Whatever it might be, where you feel let down, where you feel like you can’t count on them and maybe they feel the same way. My Happy Marriage Masterclass is a hugely helpful way to protect or repair or, um, just supercharged your currently wonderful relationship so that when you do have these Washing Machine moments you guys can rebound and move right along. So anyway, I’ve got some, hand-washing to do while we wait for our washing machine to be delivered. And I just wanted to take this moment to say hello and share my glamorous day with you. Take care. Bye. Bye.

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