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What words are you using that might need changing up?

November 19, 2019

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(This is a rough transcription for your convenience.)

Hey, good morning. It’s a frosty morning. So this post is is going to be very short and sweet. Dr Penny and are I are outside doing a little walk before a session. And I was reading an interesting fact from Facebook, in that recently they changed up their emoticons from “feeling fat” to “feeling stuffed”. After many, many people wrote in and said they didn’t like the feeling fat emoticon. So that got me thinking, gave me pause about the words that we all use. I mean, I think all of us are guilty of it, of throwing in or slipping in or not even realizing we’re using phrases like ” You never help me out.” “You’re always late.” “I can’t seem to do anything right.” “I’m never going to find the right person” or “You know me or you know them.” “I’m or they are a failure.” Watch your words today guys. Not just your manners! Not just the temperature, because it’s freezing and we need to go because poor little Dr Penny’s shivering! Right? But I want you to watch what words slip in to your conversations about yourself, about other people, to other people about where your focus is, because your words are definitely driving part of that focus. If you can’t remember or you’re not really sure about things just flip on your phone, don’t probably don’t do it live, but flip on your phone, record yourself, talking about yourself, talking about a situation, and I think you’ll be surprised, hopefully pleasantly, but surprised about the words and things that just slip in as part of our everyday conversations. Anyway, that’s it. Hope you have a wonderful day and we will talk to you later. Check me out. Please check out. FocusWithDrLiz.com I’d love for you to take part in these really, really fun and effective exercises, information education, so you don’t have to be wasting your time with the “feeling fat versus feeling stuffed. “Okay.

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