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Repair Your Relationship
for Good

Discover how you can reclaim your love and passion for one another in 6 weeks or less, even if your trust, communication, and connection feel brokenand make it last!

Deeper Connection

Restored Confidence

Rebuilt Trust

Life is too short to live

without the deep emotional connection and passionate intimacy of a loving relationship

I know you feel like…

  • the love you once had is impossible to reclaim after all the damage that’s been done


  • that you’ll never have that passionate intimacy you remember from your early days


  • that you are beyond repair and just need to surrender to costly divorce or separation


  • that you’ve both become so emotionally distant that you’d need a long-distance plan to even reach each other


With 38 years of experience coaching and counseling couples, plus a track record of several hundreds of successfully repaired relationships, I’m confident I can help you too!

When we work together, you can expect …


  • Perfect clarity on exactly what is causing the most trouble in your relationship and exactly how to tackle it to make the biggest impact


  • My unique Relationship Repair Formula where Clear Communication is the key to the four pillars of relationship success – Commitment, Fun, Intimacy, and Trust


  • Confidence that you can finally trust one another so that your relationship will weather any storm with a renewed resilience that only makes you stronger

How it works (It’s simple)

Step 1: Your Connection Call

First, we’ll have a complimentary Connection Call to make sure we are a great fit to work together. You’ll discover my unique solution, The Couple’s Smart Restart, and how it will get your relationship repaired and reconnected in only 6 weeks or less.

Step 2: Your Foundations First Assessment

You’ll each take my special Foundations First Assessment to ensure we tackle the biggest needle movers in your relationship without bringing any bias to the situation. This perspective shift is a game-changer for most of my couples!

Step 3: Relationship Repair Roadmap

You’ll receive your customized Relationship Repair Roadmap which includes unlimited support from me, our weekly calls, and my most effective tools and strategies to get results fast!  

How would you feel if

your relationship was restored to the passion and intimacy you desire, with strengthened communication and healthy trust too!

Imagine feeling loved, seen, and heard again by your partner in a way that lights you up everyday

Imagine having the tools at your disposal to turn those tough conflicts into deep communication where both your needs are met

Imagine having a support system in the palm of your hand for those in the moment perspective shifts and troubleshooting exactly when you need it

It’s never too late!

I help couples just like you to reconnect and reclaim their healthy relationships everyday!

Couple's Smart Restart

The only personalized 6-week couple’s intensive coaching and support to reconnect and re-ignite your passionate, fun relationship without having to sacrifice a small fortune and time you don’t have to waste. You’ll love the research-proven process we’ll use to achieve rapid results!

Weekend Reconnect

Made for busy couples just like you! The weekend reconnect is jam-packed with Dr. Liz’s best relationship repair solutions that you can implement in one weekend or on bite-sized date night experiences! Enjoy 16 video lessons and fun activities to re-ignite the relationship spark!

The Solo Start

Yes, you can make a huge impact on your relationship even if you are the only one ready to get started! Solo Start is Dr. Liz’s 1:1 coaching support tailored to working with one partner or a single, ambitious person seeking a meaningful relationship!

Not sure where to start?

Book your complimentary Connection Call

How would you feel if

your problem was solved

We all want to be loved and to love someone deeply, but we often aren’t taught exactly how to do that in a way that honors ourselves, we can change that!

If you aren’t a communication expert, it isn’t your fault! It’s something you can learn and the best part is, it makes your relationship stronger!

You don’t have to spend years in therapy re-hashing all your past troubles to finally achieve relationship success and I’ll prove it to you!

Discover How to Reconnect Your Relationship

Quickly & Easily

Activate the Nine Simple Steps to Rapid Reconnection and Watch the Romance Sparks Fly! Get Your Couple's Connection Checklist today!