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3 Surprising Benefits Of An Overlooked Relationship Win

When it comes to marriage or relationships, there’s one area often overlooked. It’s investing in caring for each other. While marriage and relationships can be incredibly rewarding, they also require a lot of effort and nurturing by each other to keep the bond strong. Caring for and about your partner is sexy! It hits that ‘I’m so loved and treasured’ dopamine fast and hard. Plus, it’s essential if you plan to keep that love lasting through the years. A key foundation to any relationship is building and maintaining an air of mutual understanding and respect, even when you might disagree with each other. Fostering this accepting atmosphere and learning how to agree to disagree takes time and a willingness to be open to their perspective or feelings. Naturally, important things take time. The biggest win is that you both are taking action. Be patient when it doesn’t happen overnight or managed ‘imperfectly’ or even well every time. Instead of getting it ‘perfect’, focus on taking the time to listen to your partner, showing empathy, understanding their feelings, offering support if needed, and celebrating them in all they do. Since we’re talking wins, let’s talk about ‘time’ in a relationship. Focus on spending quality time, not just quantity time together. There’s a huge difference in energy, interest, and commitment in a couple that knows each other’s world, strains, stresses, fears, and wins vs a couple that simply coexists with parallel lives and shared duties. Spending quality time together is caring for each other in marriage or relationships. Whether it’s going out for a romantic dinner, taking a walk together, or simply spending time talking and listening to each other, it’s important to make sure that you’re setting aside time for your relationship. Hint: park the cell phones, TV, and technology and…

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Speak Up & Use Your Words

Want to improve your communication skills? Start by using your words! Here are some tips to get you started. Making assumptions is one of the most common, yet worst communication errors that couples make. Perhaps you may feel a little like this…that your partner should know… that you are upset based upon your body language or some other context clue, but that is rarely the case. So, you hang on to your hurt or anger…expecting them to notice and apologize or make some kind of repair or amends. And we wait and wait or explode…shut down. In all likelihood, they may not even be aware they have done anything to upset you. Key here to remember…is that no one is a mind reader. If you are feeling hurt, upset, slighted by something your spouse or partner has said or done…please speak up. Share with them what is bothering you. Share, not blame…from your heart…is a quiet and calm moment. Failing to tell your sweetheart what’s bothering you only leads to more resentment on your part and unspoken tension between you…

Relationship Rescue: 5 Questions to Save Your Stalled Relationship

  If you’re looking for ways to improve communication in your relationship, look no further, start today and rekindle the flame in your relationship. Are you feeling that your relationship has hit a stale patch? Or catching yourself daydreaming about past, more romantic times with your partner? Don’t worry — it’s not too late to bring the spark back into the relationship. Rekindle that flame of love and refresh your connection by asking each other some clever questions! Using my five reconnection conversation-starting gems are a great way to quickly revolutionize your conversations, as well as, inject new life into your precious partnership. Communication is the key to rekindling the flame in your relationship. In fact, it’s probably the most important component of any relationship. Intimacy + connection flourish in a relationship where both people are able to express their feelings openly and honestly. Life’s ups and downs, our daily commitments take a toll on our ability to show up strong and stay in touch with each other. The unsuspecting couple often gets caught up in the daily demands routines of life and staying in touch or the luxury of a deep conversation gets sandwiched in between kids, careers, dinner and just life. Deeper conversations are traded for tasks or ‘To-Do’ discussions, check-ins with each other reduced to one or two letters sent in a text. Quickly creating a subtle distance and disconnect from each other. My couples often share they don’t feel heard, no longer a priority or ‘on the same page’ with many wondering if they made a mistake and if this relationship will last. Rekindling the flame requires noticing that something is lacking and making the effort now, not later. It starts with just one of you showing up differently…and typically the other will follow. Start NEW with the…

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4 Strategies for Communicating With Your ADHD Partner

Avoid the conflict and confusion by following these success strategies to keep the loving connection in your relationship. Having a distracted or forgetful partner or spouse is challenging at times…especially when they seem to REMEMBER everything about their work tasks! Once they return home, drop the ball…forget something one more time, it’s hard not to take it personal. The end result is carrying the heavy load, handling the tasks alone and ending up resentful, feeling you are parenting an adult…and that’s not sexy! One of the best ways to approach this challenge is by stepping back and taking a more mindful and educated perspective. Understand the signs and actions or lack of actions your ADD/ADHD shows up with. Realize this is not just some excuse or tactic to avoid carrying their share of responsibilities, and it is not a ‘free pass’ to staying the same and avoiding upping their game. Get them moving and both of you listening. Active listening with direct eye contact, nods or ‘uh huhs’ will let them know you are still there. Also, repeating some of what your partner said and restate it in your own words to confirm that you understand. BEFORE you both talk, set up an agenda or topic for your conversation. ADHD partners are often great talkers that struggle to stay on one topic or pause and listen to the other’s side. This frustrating trait pops up even more when they are passionate or excited about something that interests them. Having a topic plan is key to keeping both of you on the same page with an easy redirect back to the agenda — topic items. There’s usually more than one solution, so be open to offering and hearing each other’s ideas for solutions. Use open-ended questions, rather than closed ones (which…

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