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3 Surprising Benefits Of An Overlooked Relationship Win

January 23, 2023

When it comes to marriage or relationships, there’s one area often overlooked.

Caring for and about your partner is sexy! It hits that ‘I’m so loved and treasured’ dopamine fast and hard.

Plus, it’s essential if you plan to keep that love lasting through the years.

A key foundation to any relationship is building and maintaining an air of mutual understanding and respect, even when you might disagree with each other. Fostering this accepting atmosphere and learning how to agree to disagree takes time and a willingness to be open to their perspective or feelings.

Naturally, important things take time.

The biggest win is that you both are taking action. Be patient when it doesn’t happen overnight or managed ‘imperfectly’ or even well every time. Instead of getting it ‘perfect’, focus on taking the time to listen to your partner, showing empathy, understanding their feelings, offering support if needed, and celebrating them in all they do.

Since we’re talking wins, let’s talk about ‘time’ in a relationship. Focus on spending quality time, not just quantity time together. There’s a huge difference in energy, interest, and commitment in a couple that knows each other’s world, strains, stresses, fears, and wins vs a couple that simply coexists with parallel lives and shared duties.

Spending quality time together is caring for each other in marriage or relationships. Whether it’s going out for a romantic dinner, taking a walk together, or simply spending time talking and listening to each other, it’s important to make sure that you’re setting aside time for your relationship. Hint: park the cell phones, TV, and technology and enjoy the moment together.

Our days are filled with the time-demand reality of careers, kids, and bills each competing for our time and focus. A big part of a lifetime together. True, romance and the physical side of our relationships are a part of caring for each other and the relationship, but there’s more to caring outside of date nights and our bedrooms.

Caring for each other means remembering, our important dates or favorite celebrations, or even the loss of people and critters close to us. Remembering our partner’s birthday, our anniversaries, and special occasions, expressing appreciation for each other’s qualities, and taking time for small acts of kindness are all important ways to show that you care. It means you care enough to remember, plan for it and celebrate or support it. Hint: Technology is a great quick way to record these important dates on your Google calendar or recurring reminder list…or go old school and put it on the paper calendar hanging in your kitchen or laundry room.

When it comes to marriage or relationships, the key is to nurture and care for each other. Showing your love and support through words, actions, and gestures will strengthen your marriage or relationship and ensure it continues to thrive.

So don’t forget to show your partner that you care — it’s the foundation for a strong marriage or relationship! Hint: Start right now as the benefits of a loving and fun relationship is also self care for you.

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