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Hi, I’m Dr. Liz!

My clients call me the Relationship Rescuer and I want to help you!

Why I understand

where you are coming from

Couples come to me every day struggling with disconnected and distant relationships that they’ve been tolerating for far too long.

The average couple waits over 7 years to get help with their relationship.

We aren’t taught how to build a strong, communicative, and loving relationship in school – so why are we surprised when it all falls apart in real life?

The truth is, it’s not your fault!

The good news is we can fix it, and we can do it quickly, without years of therapy and re-hashing old hurts.

No one is a bad person in my books, they’ve just might have made some unfortunate choices!

Everyone deserves a healthy, loving, and passionate relationship where both of you are heard, supported, and thriving.

In my 35-year career in therapy and coaching, I’ve uncovered simple, strategic tools, techniques, and strategies that quickly and effectively reconnect even the most troubled of relationships with major hurts like deceit, betrayal, and distance.

When we work together, your relationship success and satisfaction are my number one goal. I’ve got hundreds of testimonials to prove that my clients get results, and fast!

You don’t have to spend years in therapy to achieve a strong, loving, and connected relationship that you desire and deserve!

Will you be the next successful couple to ditch the old way and create the relationship of your dreams? 

I am passionate about

Being happily married for 36 years

Loving my dogs, coffee, and tea 

Being a dedicated mom of two awesome daughters

Cherishing my daily mental health walks

About Dr. Liz

Dr Liz Jenkins helps couples reconnect to save their marriages and relationships and smart single women reclaim their self-love so they attract true healthy love.

As a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Connection Coach with over 75,000+ of focused time working with women and couples, she is a trusted expert who quickly identifies each couple’s and individual’s unique path to success in their self love and relationships.