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💞Discovering True Intimacy💞 5 Clues to a Deeply Connected Relationship

July 18, 2023

Connection is the foundation of any healthy and happy relationship

It doesn’t matter if you are dating, engaged, or married; the relationship will erode, and you’ll end up disconnected or dissatisfied if you overlook the power of daily connection with each other.  So, how do you ensure you’re connecting with your partner?  Today, let’s discuss the five signs that you are a connected couple.  We will also touch on the five signs you are not on track for a long-term successful couple so you know what to look for.

Signs that you are a connected couple


You communicate regularly:

Communication is critical to building a solid connection with your partner. If you find yourselves talking openly and honestly with each other daily, discussing your thoughts, emotions, and desires, congrats!  You are a connected couple.  This open communication shows that you trust and value each other’s opinions and feelings.

You have common interests:

While having your hobbies and interests is essential, having some common ground can help create a deeper connection.  Whether binge-watching a TV show, hiking, or traveling, finding shared experiences can strengthen your bond.

You support each other:

A connected couple helps and encourages each other unconditionally.  Whether it’s cheering on your partner’s career endeavors, attending their family events, or simply being a sounding board when they need to vent, feeling the support of your partner creates deep trust and intimacy.

You prioritize intimacy:

Intimacy isn’t just about sex – it’s about feeling emotionally connected with your partner.  It means you’re fully present with each other during moments of vulnerability, regularly cuddling, showing physical affection, and trying to connect sexually.  Prioritizing intimacy keeps the relationship fresh and sparks your ongoing physical attraction.

You consistently show gratitude:

A connected couple regularly shares their appreciation for each other.  Being grateful for what your partner does can go a long way toward creating feelings of love and intimacy.  It could be as simple as thanking your partner for cooking dinner after a long day or recognizing how much they make you laugh.


Signs that you are not a connected couple


You avoid communication:

If one or both of you withdraw from conversations or avoid contact, this can indicate a lack of connection.  Avoiding communication can create resentment, anger, and frustration, making it hard to build trust and intimacy.

You don’t spend quality time together:

Spending quality time together is essential for building a connection.  It may be time for reevaluation if you’re always busy with your things or rarely go out and do things together.

You don’t support each other:

A disconnect can occur when partners don’t offer emotional support or encouragement for each other.  It could be especially harmful when a partner believes the other person doesn’t care about what they are doing.

You neglect intimacy:

Neglecting intimacy can create loneliness, and lack of trust, leading to infidelity and an overall disconnection.  Expressing your physical desires and showing affectionate touches can help rekindle that feeling of closeness.

You don’t show appreciation:

Taking each other for granted can lead to feeling unvalued and unimportant.  When partners don’t feel appreciated, it can fundamentally erode their relationship.  Surprise them with small acts of kindness that go a long way and nurture your relationship.


Recognizing the signs of a connected or disconnected couple is crucial information for any couple.  While no relationship is perfect, being aware of the areas where you could improve will help build a stronger foundation for your love and commitment.  By addressing these signs head-on and working towards a more connected partnership, you can create a lasting and meaningful relationship that withstands the test of time. 

If you’re feeling stuck or unsure how to start, that’s okay. What matters is you see the gap and you are ready to start reconnecting and repairing your relationship, so let’s chat!

Here is the link to schedule your complimentary Connection Call: https://calendly.com/drlizjenkinscoaching/couples-connection-call-with-dr-liz  (If you have problems finding the time and day that will work, please let me know, and I can assist.)
I am looking forward to chatting soon!

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