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Take the Abundance Challenge!

October 13, 2015

Abundance! I have heard several people over the past few weeks ask me just what is abundance and how do they find it. Many find themselves chasing the dollar, getting up early and working late to care for their family, please their employer, never feeling they did enough, got enough or earned enough. Their focus is on lack not more.

What we focus on drives our sense of contentment, accomplishment and satisfaction in our lives. What do you focus on each day? Do you wake up and think “Ugh, its morning. I HAVE to go to work” or do you think something more along the lines of “Wow, morning already, I am happy/excited/grateful to go to work today”. The words you chose and the thoughts generated determine your focus and ultimate level of satisfaction with your life.

From what I have read, practiced in my life and watched in others, it takes directed action to create abundance in one’s life. Focusing on whom you do have in your life and appreciating the daily simple things is a very big first step in moving from “not having enough” to noticing and appreciating all that you do have.

An abundant life appreciates the little things in life.

An abundant life appreciates the little things in life

Try this sometime- look around your world and take notice – even make a list of everything you have to be grateful for. When you notice the good things and appreciate them – your world becomes richer. This might not be easy at first as it takes a lot of effort at first to develop this appreciation “muscle” mindset. You might say “there is nothing good in my life – just loads of laundry or uncut grass in the front yard” Your challenge here is to appreciate that you do have clothes or machines to wash or a yard with grass – many people lack even the basics such as food, water or shelter. We often take things and people for granted in our lives and when we do, our focus turns to what we think we are lacking.

Take this challenge and see just how much abundance you can identify in your life today. Keep a daily journal adding new items of abundance in your life. At the end of the week, reflect back on your lists and your sense of satisfaction with your life. This is the first step in channeling the power of your focus and creating a better life for yourself.

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