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Are you and your relationship in a rut? Learn easy ways to make it fresh again

December 1, 2019

It’s so easy to get stuck or feel like your marriage, relationship is in a rut. Learn a few easy ways to make a change by looking at your habits and creating new ways to respark yourself and your relationship.

Rough Transcription below: Good morning. Um, it’s Dr Liz here and Dr Penny’s in the back seat. We had just a couple minutes before we ran inside and I wanted to follow up on some questions I’ve been getting about how do I know that I’m in a rut or how do I start change what, you know, what is the process of creating change? Stop a second and think about, have you ever like this morning driven in your car, you kind of get in your car, you start the ignition, you know where the things are, you know where the law, how to put it in a reverse and it’s just sorta like automatic autopilot. And then if you were to borrow somebody else’s car or do a rental car, all of a sudden, do you find, I know I have, um, yourself looking all around the car where, you know, how do we put it in reverse? Where is the parking brake? How to release it? Which side of the car do I put gas in? Okay. Driving a car is a series of learned steps. And we’ve created these habits that go on automatic an autopilot. Well, that’s how a lot of our life is and a lot of our relationships are in, in, in general. So stepping back, we want to interrupt those habits. Um, break things up and figure out where or what you’d like to change. So take some time today and think about what is the end product. What is one thing that you would love to feel or see differently in your life? Maybe it is, um, feeling welcomed by your spouse. We’ll start with that one by your family, by your, um, your significant others by your dogs. Okay. So let’s say that you want to feel more welcome when you come home after a long day. That’s the point that you start breaking apart. What are the habits that they have or that you have and where can you interrupt just a little baby step to get the process of being coming? More connected started, it might be with opening the door and hollering. Hi everybody. I’m home out. Maybe you start, um, in the car on the drive home set in your attentions. Maybe it’s once you’re going in the house, you’re putting your things down and you’re seeking out your spouse for a hug or kiss, you’re seeking out your kids to say hi. It’s your life, guys. It’s your change. Um, but start small. Start in the area that you are feeling that neglect, that abrasion, that, um, wishing that something was different and let’s tweeze it apart and find what will make the impact. All right, so more to come tomorrow and the next day,s please continue to send your questions. I love them. And, uh, we’ll talk to you later. Have a great day. Dr. Penny and myself, are ready to head on in. Bye.

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