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Is it ever too late to change yourself, your life or your marriage and relationship?

December 1, 2019

Life gets hard and we often find ourselves feeling stuck, stale or trapped in our life and relationships. But guess what, you can make big changes a breeze. Join Dr. Liz and Dr Penny in learning just how to take that first step.

Rough Transcription: Hi guys, it’s Dr Liz and Dr Penny, and we want to just take a couple minutes to talk to you about change and if it’s, when is the time to change or is there kind of a missed opportunity and it’s over. And I guess the reason I’ve been talking to you about this today is that I have been talking to, um, several folks over this past few weeks and that seems to be a topic that for individuals as well as for couples are saying, Hey, I think I missed my opportunity. I’m so many years into this job or so many years old and it’s over and I just got to kind of resigned myself to this life that we’ve, that I’ve created, that we’ve created. And I’ve had other couples come in at collectively together, feeling that we’ve been married or we’ve been together for so many years and it just seems like it’s more of the same. And am I expecting too much from them? Am I expecting too much for us? Why should we put in the time, the, um, the energy, the money, the, um, emotion and trying to improve our marriage or our relationship? And guys, I want to tell you it’s NEVER too late. It really isn’t. Um, if you’re looking out for yourself individually or you, if you’re feeling stuck, maybe you’re, um, we’d love to go back to school or try a new career or trade, maybe do some self-improvement. Start right there with yourself. Grab your journal, piece of paper, your cell phone and or FaceTime yourself video. I mean, you know, talk to your phone and record yourself, but give down those thoughts. Get down those ideas, those dreams, those wishes, and just record them and set them aside, right? Um, that is not the time to tell it. Brain dump brainstorming idea for yourself. The same thing is for couples. Um, for the two of you. Really sit down and say, what, what are we missing? What used to flow so easily or has it never flown so easily? Um, what do we seem to fight about? What are the conflicts? And then we start looking at how can we make small, but, definitely changes in how we interact, how we reach out to each other. In fact, I was talking to a couple recently and um, just a few months ago they had approached me and they said, we’re ready to throw in the towel. We don’t, we dated and we’ve gone through all the dating, all the school, all the startup of careers and stuff. And now we sort of hit the sweet spot where we’re married and it’s not clicking. We’re just distancing and moving apart. I don’t understand them. They don’t understand me. And so they were really done and ready to call it quits. And there were very, very sad about it. I said, come on guys, let’s give it a try. Let’s get honest. Let’s really dig deep about what are the most change in yourself, change in your partner, change in the relationship and let’s get going.


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